Man hires videographer for an elaborate proposal but it ends in tears (video)

A man proposed to his woman in public, complete with a camera crew and spectators, but he didn't get a favorable reply.

In the video, which has now gone viral, the man can be seen bending on one knee, asking the woman to marry him. But she shook her head regretfully, answered "no" and walked away in tears.

Web users have reacted in different ways to the rejection. Some said the woman should have said "yes" to save him a public embarrassment then when they are alone, she could tell him she wasn't interested. But some have said the man should have given her a hint earlier to gauge her reaction. They said it was wrong fro him to spring a surprise on her in public without first finding out if she would want to marry him.

Watch the video below and tell which side you're on.



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