Friday, July 12, 2019

Chioma Akpotha calls out 9mobile after they charged her N15,600 for a 5 mins call (video)

Chioma Akpotha is not in the country at the moment, She is actually in Manatí, Puerto Rico.

The actress says she was actually missing her daughter and had to ring her from her location, all for 9mobile to charge her N15,600 for a 5mins 3secs call. A very upset Chioma recorded a video asking her fans to help tag the telecommunication company, as she demands answers.

''Guys!!! What just happened!!! I’m speechless!!! Was I just charged over 52 naira per second?!!! Is this normal?!!! Please help me tag Etisalat to explain because I am FURIOUS!!!'', she said while he shared the video

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