Sunday, June 9, 2019

Can't Resist Séx,Whenever I Enter My Boyfriend's New House. please advice

Dear vanguardnigeria, I love what you are doing on your news site. Please continue the good work as I and my girls in my office can't stay without reading your interesting stories everyday. I commend you, it's not easy.
Please I have a little challenge that I want your readers to help me check out.
I'm dating an Edo guy in Lagos and we've been together for just four months. He said he's serious but I told him to give me some time before I give in and he agreed. We've been like that until he moved into his new house, a 2 bedroom flat.
The first day I visited him
I was surprised that he had his way with me and I couldn't resist him. But when I got home I was angry. Surprisingly, since then any time I enter his house I can't resist, we mus have se'x...
This strange development is beginning to give me serious sleepless nights. Here is the trouble, whenever he is in my place, I'm able to resist him and he wont be able to have his way with me. But as soon as I go to his home the situation must be different, every time.
Please my friends are telling me that this is not normal that they guy has done something in his house that is in a way subduing me whenever I enter there.
Please can this be true? Does such things still happen? Should I confront my boyfriend?
I need sincere help, please

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