Why Does It Take Extremely Long Time To Obtain University Transcript In Nigeria

Getting your university result transcript can be a hell if you graduated from a university where you must follow undue protocols and bribe your way to get your transcript.

I remembered when I applied for a masters program abroad with a friend of mine who studied abroad. I contacted my university in Nigeria the same day as my friend but his transcript was in his mail box three days later. I took the intervention of other lecturers before I could get my transcript in 2 months.

I have met some other graduates who felt so bad that the university their graduated from will still treat them this way.

It will be hard for some people to understand this situation especially if you are from a private university or a university that works well administratively.

I have seen many Nigerians miss different opportunities abroad because of the failure of their home universities in Nigeria to forward their transcript to the required bodies.

Some time ago, I came across an online business service provider that deals on helping people to obtain their transcript from universities in Nigeria. Although I did not finally use their service because I heard many complaints from their customers who have paid without getting their transcripts many months later. Although there are others they where able to secure their transcript.

I will advice that if you need your transcript in Nigeria you should start processing it three months or more before the time you need it.

I will like to hear your experience in obtaining your transcript from your university especially when you are no longer living in the state where your university is located?

Is it better in your university after making the normal payment and sending application for your transcript?

source: http://toscanyacademy.com/blog/


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